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23.02.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Ayda Rose Drops R&B Gem 'Damn'

It's a raw meditation on romantic heartache

Ayda Rose's second single to date, 'Damn', is a slick R&B bop that speaks straight from the heart.

A light-touch production melds keys, guitars, and bass as Ayda's buttery vocals sing of heartbreak. 

Turning to the cathartic art of songwriting during a painful time in her life, 'Damn' offers an open and honest look into some of Ayda's rawest emotions, getting even more candid than before.

Preferring to let her tracks take shape organically, Ayda didn't let creative block stand in her way, instead choosing to collaborate with the singer-songwriter Cam Bloomfield and the artist Switch (formerly of Major Lazer) to help things come together naturally.

Ayda refers to the 'Damn' as "soulful with a modern twist, both old school and contemporary". Diving into the story behind the track, Ayda explained: "‘Damn’ is a song of heartache and pain, falling in love then longing for someone who isn’t ready. It's raw and stripped-back R&B, a personal story of love and loss".

Namechecking SZA, Amy Winehouse, and Stevie Wonder as some of her main inspirations, 'Damn' follows on from Ayda's 2023 single 'Psychic'. 

Ayda Rose is by no means new to the music scene. Keen-eared fans may recognise Ayda from her previous artist project, Effie, where she carved a name for herself as a vocalist in the dance world. Now, she's looking to the future with her whole soul as Ayda Rose.

Listen to the track on Spotify below.

'Damn' is out now.

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