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16.04.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Jean Deaux's 'nowhere, fast' Is a Contemplation on Young Adulthood

Summer 2024 US tour also announced

Opening with a whispered, dreamlike reflection on who she is, what she wants, and what others want from her, as she sets a cathartic, candid tone for the project.

Across eight tracks, Deaux gets introspective about her desire for personal growth over the past year whilst being met with conflicting feelings of stagnation. 

Describing her new record as a coming of age story about the delicate relationship between time and lessons learned, ‘nowhere, fast’ demonstrates Deaux's evolution from chasing external validation to re-centring herself and her dreams for the future. On 'Believe It' she affirms this, singing: "That girl that I was before / I think she's leaving me / And I don't need her to stay."

Elsewhere, on 'Dreamin', Deaux pens a diary entry about outgrowing others' idea of you, whilst on the soulful Destin Conrad collab 'Thinkin', Deaux sings about the need to get out of one's own head to understand your lover and their dreams.

“It’s about coming to the end of your 20-somethings and feeling everything has been such a blur, from childhood to young adulthood, to now just being who I am. Everything has flown past me and I feel like I’ve come so far but at the same time, so many things look the same. So many things blend in with each other into the background,” Deaux explains of the record.

The Chicago-born rapper, singer and songwriter first saw success in 2016 with Saba collab, 'Photosynthesis', who she later worked with again on 'Moody' from her 2020 record, 'Watch This!'.

On 'nowhere, fast', Deaux reflects on childhood dreams and the goals she has actualised in her growing career as an artist, director, and filmmaker in the Black queer space.

Alongside the EP release, Jean Deaux has announced a five-date 'Nowhere, Fast' tour across the US, kicking off this summer on 17th June.

‘nowhere, fast’ is out now via GUIN Records.

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