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15.06.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Arlo Parks covers Jai Paul's 2012 demo 'Jasmine', shares new poetry book

The singer continues to deliver following the release of her sophomore album

Arlo Parks performed a live rendition of Jai Paul's 2012 demo 'Jasmine' while promoting her new album 'My Soft Machine'. 

The 22-year-old appeared on US radio station Sirius FM earlier this week, where the singer recorded the cover with a live band while sporting an all black outfit. 

Parks has always been straight to the point about her admiration for Paul. On 'Hurt', a track from her 2021 debut album 'Collapsed in Sunbeams', she sang about being “so stuck on the new Jai Paul.” The indie-pop songstress also spoke about her love for the mysterious pop star in a recent Guardian interview, stating that his Coachella set is “still burnt in [her] mind.”

Watch the cover below. 

Arlo Parks has announced her debut poetry booK, The Magic Border: Poetry and Fragments From My Soft Machine. 

Set to be released on September 12, the new book will combine “never-before-seen poetry, song lyrics and stunning images from photographer Daniyel Lowden.”

“Writing poetry, to me, is about profound interiority,” says Parks. “It is about wading into the saltwater of your own body, capillaries bursting, eyes brimming, unmoored.”

The collection of 20 original poems will explore "the queer experience, Blackness, grief, trauma and love,” as well as featuring all the lyrics from her new album. 

Parks adds: “This collection is the fruit of that inner probing. It is a tangled mass of everything that has made me angry or giddy or low or impossibly happy to be alive. It has taken me almost 23 years to share my poetry beyond a few trusted friends. Poetry was my place, my little clearing in the forest, where I could quietly put everything I was holding. I’m not sure what gave me the courage to open up that space to you but here I am, doing it. I am proud to show you this personal lens that life shimmers through. This book is no longer mine. It is yours.”

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