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13.09.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Lambeth Council supports the reopening of Brixton Academy with "new, revised system"

The Metropolitan Police deny claims that it had been looking to close the venue...

Lambeth Council has revealed it supports the re-opening of Brixton Academy, following a two-day-long hearing at Lambeth Town Hall.

The South London venue was facing permanent closure after the Met Police urged Lambeth council to revoke the venue's license following the death of two people.

As reported in the Evening Standard back in May, the Met said it had "lost confidence" in O2 Academy Brixton owners Academy Music Group (AMG) and were seeking a revocation of the licence. However, it now seems there is hope the venue will continue to exist under new conditions. 

Lambeth Council barrister Horatio Waller QC opened the hearing on the potential re-opening of Brixton Academy.

According to NMEWaller explained that the council “supports, in principle, the re-opening of the venue” however, based on its new conditions.

The conditions were outlined to include a “new, revised system for ingress [entry] into the venue” and new barriers “positioned on the highway,” to manage traffic.

“This is much more comprehensive, prescriptive and controlled than the system that existed on December 15,” Waller said. “The tragedy likely would not have occurred if that system was in place.”

The Metropolitan Police deny claims that it had been looking to close the venue but argue that the current operator - the Academy Music Group (AMG) - “shouldn’t be the licensee”.

The committee is yet to make a decision on whether or not AMG will be allowed to continue its role operating the venue. 

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