20.07.2023, Words by Billy Ward

vi0let and Kaisha cut through after-hours London in visual for groovy R&B anthem 'Psyche'

Two UK rising stars just made one of the catchiest tracks of summer 2023...

Rising artists vi0let and Kaisha have shown their star potential many times individually over the years. But on their collaborative new single 'Psyche', it's clearer than ever that these two are destined for greatness. 

London-based singer-songwriter vi0let has been having a great run of releases so far this year, following up her 2022 debut EP with 'Dreams' and 'Lonely'. Moving from the pebbled beaches of Brighton to the inner-city hue of the UK capital has sparked a new lease of creativity in songstress, who has updated her R&B sound with flavours of pop, electronic dance and soul. 

Enlisting fellow Brighton-hailing singer Kaisha for the new offering, the two bounce off each other with an immense amount of chemistry, toasting a groovy track perfect for summer parties. 

“I met someone early this year and developed a huge crush on them," explains vi0let. "Being the delusional girl I am, I always convince myself that people are just as obsessed with me only to find out they were in a relationship and were giving me mixed signals. I wrote 'Psyche' because I kept imagining a mini version of them stuck in my brain and setting up camp in there."

She adds: "It was a way of flattering myself by claiming how much they like to be in my head. It’s not usual for me to have crushes so it was a weird feeling thinking about someone that much. I wasn’t even upset that I couldn’t have them to be honest I just liked the attention they were giving me.”

Watch the music video above or stream the single with your preferred player here

'Psyche' by vi0let and Kaisha is out now on Nü Inc. Sound via DMY.

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